Left Remodeling Quotes My wife and I purchased a condo on South Michigan Avenue in 2002. Come 2015, it was time to sell and the place needed to be "freshened". Since we were selling, we were looking for maximum visual impact for minimum dollars. Our good neighbor is a successful contractor, but does not work in the city. We asked him for recommendations and he suggested Scott Sevon of MAW Chicago. I called Scott and began to explain the situation. Scott caught on quickly and began walking me through the possible alternatives. We met at the condo the next day. He assessed the condition, understood the real estate market, and was quick to work with us to agree on what needed to be done. He was a good listener (this is absolutely key to success) and treated us with respect for our wishes, while also offering his well-informed thoughts on alternatives. Once our tenants moved out, Scott and his team were on it. The work was completed quickly and to the quality that was expected. One of the most amazing parts of the relationship was Scott's communications. Rarely did a call, text, or e-mail go unanswered for more than an hour or two. Thanks to Scott and his team at MAW Chicago.Right Remodeling Quotes

Bob & Lindsey